Review: Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways

In this third installment of the Witch City Mysteries, Lee finds herself in the midst of furniture shopping for her new third-floor apartment in her Aunt Ibby’s house. Hoping to find some unique, although sometimes quirky, vintage furniture pieces, Lee visits some local Salem antique shops where she purchases herself a large wood bureau which turns out to be one rare piece, previously owned by a woman who was murdered.

The bureau has several hidden compartments which are still filled with items from its previous owner. As Lee returns to the antique store to make another purchase, she finds the shop owner dead. The trinkets and old tarnished mirror within her bureau happen to be the key to not only the shop owner’s murder, but the murder of the woman whom the bureau previously belonged to. All of this because of a very large, pink diamond that was supposed to be hidden within the bureau.

In the meantime, Lee is volunteering as prop manager for the Trumbull school’s summer theater productions. Her frequent visits to various antique stores and acquaintances she makes along the way will either help, or hurt her, as long as that bureau is in her possession.


A Witch City Mystery #3 – Look Both Ways by Carol J. Perry

Pub Date: Oct 27, 2015

Order your copy from Amazon HERE.

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